by Highway One





      At Highway One, we…

 Give no false promises – we tell you what needs

to happen to get your car sold

 Keep your car clean and prepped for sale at all times

 Handle all the advertising/phone calls

 Show your car ANYTIME on ANY day

 Handle dealership PPI/Mechanic inspections upon

buyer request

 Take trade-ins – making it much easier  for the buyer

 Finance (very popular) with low rates!

 We take care of your payoff (if on a loan)

 Smog the car and handle all DMV paperwork

 Ship your car anywhere in the world, if necessary

Thinking about selling your car, but don’t want to deal with the hassle?


At Highway One, we are passionate about selling cars. The goal of

our service is to bring you the highest price the current market

will offer while taking the hassle of selling a car completely out

of your hands!

When you bring your car to Highway One, no longer will you:

 Have strangers come to your house

Deal with test drives/mechanic inspections

Be insulted my time wasters and low ball offers

Take time out of your day to clean your car and meet with a buyer

– just to have them not show up!

 We know how to get cars sold quickly for the right price – whether it’s

your old Porsche or your new Corvette.

Give us a call!